Show the world how much U care about each other and this planet we live in. Help change lives and put smiles on people's faces.  Change ur lives by becoming a giver, to many of us have been takers for far too long.  This site is not for the mememes of this world it is to showcases the andUandUs... (people) of Ourearth; who are working hard to make our earth a better place for all its inhabitants.

We must learn to share our wealth and resources in an environmentally friendly fashion, with those that have little. Humanity that fosters contentment with all organisms on our earth makes this planet a much healthier and safer place to live on.

Our children and others will gravitate to this site to see what our andUandU… communities have accomplished and what we are doing. With help from our CommunityandU families, we will strive to ensure a better future for humanity and for Mother Nature too.

This will make our future look brighter and inspire people to do more. Such a perfect balance can only be achieved by people like U, that who hopefully believe in andUandU…

All of our CommunityandU families will exist to make our earth a better place. They will work hard as volunteers and raise money for worthy causes and some will donate their own money. We cannot showcase all of our communities' events and accomplishments, but rest assured all of our communities will make a positive difference on our earth.

We hope U are inspired by what U will see and hear. U will see how much enjoyment is derived from taking part in events, knowing that U are helping others, growing closer to the people U are with, and possibly to the people U are trying to help.  


Disclaimer:The above pictures are not andUandU...functions.These pictures are being used to portray how future andUandU communities could be represented on this site. The people on this coverpage may or may not support andUandU..

There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.


It is on this site where we proudly

display the charitable achievements of

our large extended family. A dynamic and

ever growing wide mosaic of people, who

truly believe: ”That the Service to Humanity is the

best work of Life”, and protecting our earth

and its inhabitants, is of the utmost importance.